Behold “Saint Benjamin” of Detriot

Joe Bartuah

Unveiling the Motives of Carson’s Self-Incrimination

By Joe Bartuah

NOTE: This NEW THINKING was penned by the author on November 11, 2015 when The News Pinnacle was still in a temporary cyber-limbo. It is being republished here due to its enduring relevance to the issues being discussed.

“I would say to the people of America, do you think I’m a pathological liar like CNN does? Or do you think I’m an honest person?”—Ben Carson

I did not watch the initial interview of Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, the Republican Party’s presidential candidate, in which he labeled President Barack Obama as “a psychopath”, but once I saw a rebroadcast of his diatribe, I sensed the self-serving bigotry in his contempt for the president. Carson, I am told, is a renowned retired African-American neurosurgeon. Unlike Obama, whose father directly came from Africa as a scholarship beneficiary to study at an American university, Dr. Carson’s ancestors had been brought to the so-called New World on slave ships centuries earlier.

Now as a presidential candidate of the Republican Party, if he emerges victorious in the 2016 presidential election, he would become the second ever black man to occupy the White House, which was actually built with enormous slave labor in the 19th century; such possibility is not farfetched because Carson is currently running neck-and-neck with Donald Trump for the covetous Republican nomination.

However, it seems that since some folks probably told Carson that he was a presidential material, he has been agonizing over the idea of being “the second black man” in the White House rather than the first. Perhaps in the figment of his imagination, Carson feels that he should have been the “first black man” to sit in the American presidential chair instead of Barack Obama. After all, whose ancestors shed “blood, sweats and tears” for this country? It was not the Obamas, but the Carsons and the likes.

Due to his ambivalence about being a possible second fiddle, Carson apparently decided to denigrate whatever laudable policies Obama has formulated since becoming president. For the John Hopkins University brain luminary, Obama is a “psychopath” because he tells you something over and over until you believe it. On January 20, 2009 when Obama took over the mantle of the Federal Government, unemployment dismally stood at nearly 10 percent; several leading banking institutions and the three main motor vehicle manufacturing companies in the country had been wrecked by bankruptcy. Moreover, the United States’ credit rating had been humbled to a “B” category.

The situation is a little bit different today as President Obama’s policies have helped in turning things around. Rather than grieving over recession, Americans are now talking about economic growth, however marginal it might be; unemployment rate has been slashed to five percent, almost a 50 percent reduction from the catastrophic situation of 2009.

Against this backdrop, Carson doesn’t see any silver-lining in the strides the Obama administration is making; all he knows is that the gentleman currently occupying the White House is a psychopathic liar. Carson, the topnotch medic claims that Obamacare is “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery.” You can talk about the Pearl Harbor or September 11 attacks, but as far as Carson is concerned, giving affordable health insurance benefits to millions of poor Americans is the “worst thing” since slavery. In fact, the gentleman from Detroit outrightly equates Obamacare to slavery.

But behind Carson’s politics of envy against the Obama administration lies a personal liability, or physiological deficiencies which the neurosurgeon has since imagined that he can cunningly transform into a political asset. As I have most often indicated, nobody is so invincible to defeat his or her conscience. Accordingly, Carson’s conscience having pricked him that his unusually soft-speaking and jelly-like public demeanor are a campaign baggage, he’s now disingenuously trying to flip them into his advantage.

As a result, the neurosurgeon has embarked on a tale-telling spree, hoping that in this way, American voters would be empathetic to his physiological inadequacies. Before delving into the veil behind his tales, let’s consider two probable motives: (a) Carson wants to be seen as a man of valor; he wants to appear heroic and (b) he wants to convince evangelical voters that he’s a God-anointed leader with some virile attributes; that he had experienced a divine transformation as a result of which whatever he thinks of or says nowadays is divinely inspired.

Now let’s consider some of Carson’s tales about his temperamental outbursts. In one of the tales, a young Ben Carson almost committed murder, or at least, manslaughter; he takes a knife from his camping bag in a fit of rage, determined to open the stomach of his “friend”, and then there was a divine intervention, or a sort of miraculous defense of the seemingly innocent young man who would have otherwise become a murder victim, as his “belt buckle” stopped Carson’s cold-blooded murder attempt. At another point in time, Carson takes a hammer with the sole intent of smashing his mother’s head!

What was the outrageous thing that mommy did which aroused the devil in Little Ben? Was daddy around? If so, what was his reaction? How did other members of Little Ben’s household—his sibling(s)—react? Were they cheerful or traumatized? What actually was mommy’s “crime”? Was it for bringing Ben into this world?

Since Dr. Carson thought that it was worthy for the American people and the world at large to know about his seemingly horrific past, does he not think that potential voters also need to know details about such terrorizing episodes, since he’s now craving for the ultimate power in the land? For me, it’s a fair game because his narrative brings into question his mental state of affairs.

Carson’s spasms of temperamental outburst did not stop with his callous attempt to bludgeon his mommy’s head. There was another bizarre one in his school, involving his classmate after which the lad went in the school’s restroom; he claims that there, in the public restroom, he spent three hours, all by himself, praying to God Almighty. Carson seemed to have been in a sort of celestial trance, with all the angelic hosts hovering over him, as God himself was meticulously transforming this seemingly evil lad into a saintly figure.

Can you imagine that for three hours, the young man who had just attempted to inflict grievous injuries and enormous pains on his classmate was in the public restroom without being disturbed? Divine intervention!! Did the classmate report Carson’s dastardly act to their teacher? If so, what was the teacher’s reaction? Did the teacher tell the school principal? Why the teacher didn’t get concerned about Carson’s wellbeing to, at least, check for him, or ask someone to check him out in the restroom? Were there school security and campus police at that time? If so, were they informed?

FIRST MOTIVE: Yes, that’s part of Ben Carson’s seemingly endless tales. I’m surprised that the mainstream American media has not yet detected the motivation of Carson’s fairy tales, or they might just be ignoring such motives. The logical inference from his narrative is that Carson wants to be perceived as a capable and competent commander-in-chief. By narrating seemingly uncorroborated tales about his violent past, Carson is implying that in spite of his seemingly physiological passivity, he possesses some exemplary martial traits, or his masculinity is full to the brim; that his adrenaline is in full gear and he’s therefore, capable of leading the world’s foremost super power. In other words, he’s desperately trying to extinguish whatever iota of doubt or misgiving about his competence as a future commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States, hence his reference to a full scholarship offer from the Pentagon.

SECOND MOTIVE: Now let’s consider Carson’s probable grand motivation. Can anyone remember the biblical accounts about the divine transformation of the Pharisee vigilante who was notorious for persecuting Christians in the aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Please check it out in the Book of Acts (:1—19, or Acts 27:6—21. If that is not too clear, you can also read Acts 26: 12—18.

In that story, an overzealous Saul of Tarsus had been commissioned by leaders of the Pharisees and he and his accomplices had embarked on a killing spree, murdering Christians at will. However, while Saul was on his way to Damascus to murder more Christians, he was struck by the Lord! “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” After that memorable incident, Saul was miraculously transformed to Saint Paul, who singularly wrote most of the New Testament books in subsequent years.

In spite of Paul’s evil past, what is paramount here is that he was TRANSFORMED by God to lead the church! Can I get a witness? Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, born on September 18, 1951 is a born again Christian. So, too, are Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Mike Hucabee, Senator Rick Santorum and other Republican candidates who are all darlings of American Protestant churches otherwise known as “Evangelicals.” A few weeks ago the Evangelicals summoned all their beloved candidates to give testimonies to their congregants about their Christian faith, a subtle campaigning engineered by the church to influence the votes of churchgoers. Carson knows that the Protestant votes would be divided; he wants to have an edge. As a result, he’s embellishing his “divine transformation” from a bad boy who almost murdered his mother to a soft-speaking neurosurgeon who has now been anointed by God to lead America to a nobler destiny.

When Carson says all the nasty things about his past, it is because he wants to be seen as the chosen one among the rest; he wants voters, especially “Evangelicals” to remember him as a man God has anointed to lead the Republican Party and ultimately, the United States of America. It’s veiled message to American evangelicals to abandon Cruz, Hucabee, Santorum and others and unquestionably go with the divinely transformed Carson.

The unintended consequence is that as Carson desperately tries to portray himself as an anointed leader, he’s inadvertently painting a portrait of a man with some debilitating mental disposition, or a guy who has had mercurial temperament years back. Perhaps what Dr. Carson miscalculated is that some American voters will most likely begin to ask the hard question: Should we trust this guy with a stealthy temperamental problem with hundreds of nuclear warheads in this country? Is this guy capable of controlling more than 700 military bases around the world without plunging us into a third round of catastrophic human event?

Carson wants his story told, but from its point of embellishment that he’s a divinely transformed leader. One of the latent dangers in interacting with people who delude themselves that God had chosen them to lead is that they tend to consider their opinions and their imaginations as sacrosanct and therefore unquestionable. If Carson is now fond of media bashing, it is probably because he considers questioning his tales as a deviant act, or an abomination.


Columnist Joe Bartuah is electronically accessible at: 857-269-9011.






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