Repelling Netanyahu’s Dishonesty




Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be playing a sort of con game here. He’s probably aware that the incoming president of the U.S. has an extremely foggy ontology about the world. Knowing that Donald Trump is a 140-character policy maker on twitter, he wants to malign the prudent Obama administration and profusely flatter Trump, so as to hypnotize him into blindly supporting whatever anti-peace policies the Netanyahu administration is pursuing in the occupied Palestinian territory. As a result, he’s making a bizarre accusation that the U.S. State Department drafted and “pushed” the most recent United Nations resolution , which was adopted last Friday by the Security Council, condemning the continuous Israeli settlements in Palestinian land.

Perhaps Netanyahu is too young to understand the pivotal role that the United States played in carving out the State of Israel as a sovereign state in 1948. Without the robust support of the United States in the aftermath of the Second World War, the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917 would have probably remained a dream for Zionism. Against this backdrop, what would be the motive for the U.S. to initiate and lobby for an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations? Is Netanyahu claiming that the Obama administration is scheming to destroy, or better still, embarrass Israel?

What especially reeks of gross dishonesty in Netanyahu’s farcical comments is that he’s theatrically behaving as if only the United States has veto power at the United Nations! If Netanyahu’s claim that his government is despised by the Obama administration is true, why did the other four veto-wielding permanent members of the United Nations—Russia, China, France and Great Britain—not veto the resolution so as to satisfy the whims of Netanyahu’s ego? Is Israel not friendly with Great Britain? Was Palestine not under a British tutelage, based on a League of Nations’ mandate before its partition? If Israel is actually following relevant international laws in deriving a two-states solution to the Palestinian conflict, why did the Brits, who had initiated this epic saga in the first place, join 13 other members of the UN in passing the resolution? What about France, another permanent member with a veto?

The harsh reality is that the world is simply becoming impatient  with Israel’s intransigence in resolving the Palestinian conflict. The late Yitzhaz Rabin and Yasser Arafat worked so hard and famously shook hand in 1993, striving to make some headway, so that serenity will return to the region. Unfortunately, ultra-conservative Jews called for Rabin’s head and he was later assassinated. Rather than accusing the whole world of conspiring against Israel, Netanyahu must demonstrate a virile leadership by candidly telling some of his parochially-minded followers that the path to peace lies in the Jews’ showing respect for and commitment to the right of the Palestinian people to have a sovereign homeland. Israel needs to be content with the 78 percent of the territory which was originally earmarked for a Jewish homeland, so that the Palestinians can peacefully live in a state of their own in the remaining 22 percent. The path to peace is coarse and rugged, but it is worth treading for a better outcome.

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One Response to "Repelling Netanyahu’s Dishonesty"

  1. joeteh says:

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a delicate international issue. Approaching it with an even hand is just the right thing to do; recognizing that each has right to a statehood.

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